The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics have opened, and this Winter Olympics has become the first all-green power Olympics in history. In order to achieve this, what efforts have this Winter Olympics made? Let me show you all.



All Green Electricity In Olympic Venues


The Winter Olympics venue "Ice Linghua" integrates photovoltaic power generation technology into building construction, and 1958 photovoltaic panels are laid on the roof.


The clean electricity that the project can generate every year is equivalent to saving 252 tons of standard coal and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by about 697.8 tons.


In addition, the National Aquatics Center, Capital Gymnasium, Wukesong Sports Center, National Gymnasium and other four 2008 Olympic heritage venues, as well as the newly built Yanqing Division Alpine Ski Center, Snowmobile Sled Center, Zhangjiakou Division "three games and one village" and other venues also Green electricity is used.



All Green Electricity In The Office Park Of The Winter Olympics Organizing Committee


The roofs of several office buildings in the Shougang office area of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee are also covered with photovoltaic power generation devices. The photovoltaic power generation system constructed by the State Grid Beijing Shijingshan Power Supply Company has been connected to the grid since September 2018.


By the end of the Winter Olympics and Paralympics in 2022, it is expected to reduce the burning of standard coal by 6,000 tons and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 16,000 tons.



Olympic Welcome Photovoltaic Corridor


Hebei is a province with large photovoltaic resources and has good lighting conditions. In order to provide 100% clean energy power supply for the Winter Olympics, Zhangjiakou vigorously promotes the construction of the Olympic Welcome Photovoltaic Corridor through various modes such as "complementary forestry and solar energy", "complementary agricultural light" and "land transfer".


The project can generate 250 million kWh of electricity every year, save 150,000 tons of standard coal, and reduce smoke and dust emissions by about 120,000 tons.

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