The European Commission hopes to approve the revised Renewable Energy Directive (REDIV) as soon as possible and translate it into the laws of EU members. Part of the Directive involves meeting the installation requirements of solar systems with an installed capacity below 50kW.

As part of the REPowerEU package launched in May this year, the European Commission has proposed a series of measures aimed at reducing dependence on Russian energy, reducing carbon dioxide emissions and accelerating the development of renewable energy. This includes simplifying the approval process for the installation of photovoltaic systems and wind power generation facilities.

However, as part of the REPowerEU package, it will take some time for the revision of the Renewable Energy Directive (REDIV) to be adopted and become a regulation of EU member states. Therefore, although the draft has not yet been published officially, the European Commission has drafted a proposal to simplify the approval process and shorten this period. It is based on proposals already included in the REPowerEU package. These measures will initially apply for one year, but may be extended if necessary.

Specifically, the European Commission believes that EU member states should define renewable energy projects as the most important public interest. Under EU environmental legislation, these projects will benefit from simplified permits immediately .

The European Commission is promoting the issuance of licenses for photovoltaic systems connected to buildings for non power generation purposes. The grid connection license can usually be issued within one month, and no environmental impact assessment will be conducted for such projects, but this does not apply to floating photovoltaic systems obviously.

PV systems with an installed capacity below 50kW usually do not have a significant negative impact on the environment, nor do they need to be expanded in grid connected locations. Therefore, the European Commission hopes to simplify the approval process further, and emphasizes this point, pointing out that the self consumption of small PV systems will help PV operators control the power cost within a certain range. Specifically, if the competent department does not respond to the application within one month, it will be automatically considered as approved.

The European Commission said that during the construction of photovoltaic parks, unless the new photovoltaic system takes up more space, the requirements for natural protection and compensation should not be increased. The committee also said that last but not least, all decisions in the approval process should be open to the public.
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