Today (May 30), China's first Chaoguang complementary photovoltaic power station, the National Energy Group Longyuan Power Zhejiang Wenling Chaoguang complementary intelligent power station, achieved full capacity grid-connected power generation. This is also the first innovative application of solar energy and lunar tidal energy complementary development in China.


Wenling tidal-light complementary smart power station is a new type of power station that utilizes solar photovoltaic and lunar gravitational tidal energy for comprehensive development and utilization, with a total installed capacity of 100 megawatts. By controlling the time period and power of tidal power generation, the fluctuation of photovoltaic power generation can be effectively stabilized. It not only effectively improves the comprehensive and efficient utilization of energy, but also ensures the safety and stability of the new energy power grid.


Feng Shuchen, deputy general manager of the National Energy Group: It has created a new model of comprehensive utilization of new energy in which tides and photovoltaics are coordinated and "generates both above and below water". It not only effectively excavates and expands the utilization space, but also effectively helps innovation-driven improvement of development quality, which is conducive to accelerating energy structure adjustment and industrial upgrading.


The intelligence and automation of Wenling Chaoguang complementary intelligent power station have reached the domestic first-class level, realizing less staff on duty and no one on duty. The average annual power generation can exceed 100 million kWh, which can meet the household electricity demand of about 30,000 urban residents for one year. Compared with the thermal power station of the same volume, it can save 31,654 tons of standard coal and 84,479 tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year.



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