According to the estimation of the photovoltaic power system project of the International Energy Agency (IEA PVPS), a photovoltaic institution, the global new installed capacity of solar systems will be 173.5GW in 2021, and this figure may rise to 260GW in 2022. Gaétan Masson, co-author of the report and co chairman of the European Photovoltaic Manufacturing Commission, also released these data in an interview with industry media.

The International Energy Agency Photovoltaic Power System Project (IEA PVPS) recently released a report on the application trend of photovoltaic systems in 2022. The company estimated that, under reasonable and certain conditions, the installed capacity of the new solar  system in the world would reach more than 173.5GW in 2021, an increase of 22% year on year. This makes 2021 another record breaking year, despite the market turmoil related to the COVID-19 epidemic.

Masson said, "Last year, the scale of the global photovoltaic market reached an incredible figure, and this year the installed capacity of photovoltaic will reach more than 260GW. If there is no COVID-19 epidemic and supply chain disruption in the past two years, I believe it will be even higher."

He said that this prediction was roughly consistent with that of an unnamed research institute.

He added: "In terms of output, the world produced 153GW of silicon wafers in the first half of this year, so it is not impossible for the PV market to reach 250GW to 260GW this year."
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