According to foreign media, Spain's Ministry of Ecological Transformation and Population Challenge recently concluded the country's fourth large-scale auction of wind power generation and solar systems. The auction initially planned to allocate 1.8GW of photovoltaic system and 1.5GW of wind power generation facilities. However, due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, only 45MW was allocated for wind power generation facilities in the auction, and no photovoltaic system won the bid. The photovoltaic system originally planned to win the bid will be awarded a 12 year power purchase agreement and will be completed within two years.

In a statement, the Ministry of Ecological Transformation and Population Challenges of Spain stated: "In the contract for awarding wind power generation facilities, the weighted average price of 42.78 euros/MWh was allocated to the two winning companies, with the highest of 45.12 euros/MWh and the lowest of 39.88 euros/MWh. According to the scheduled plan, the renewable energy facilities won in this auction will be put into operation by 2026, which was carried out in the context of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, which has had an impact on the bidding and results of the auction."

In the first two auctions held in January and October 2021, Spain's ecological transformation and population challenges are equipped with 2.9GW photovoltaic system and 3.25GW wind power generation facilities. The total installed capacity of the second auction is 3.12GW, accounting for 95% of the 3.3GW project in the bidding, including 2.258GW for wind power generation facilities and 866MW for photovoltaic systems, with an average price of 30.56 euros/MWh. The recent auction marks the first time that the photovoltaic system has not won the bid in history.

Through the third auction held in October this year, Spain allocated 177MW for ecological transformation and population challenges, of which only 31MW was allocated to the distributed photovoltaic system, and the rest was allocated to biomass power generation facilities.
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