The new 54-cell solar panels are mainly used in commercial and industrial solar projects. Its size is less than 2m² and the short circuit current is less than 15A.


Bluesun Solar has launched a new 54-cell solar module based on 182mm solar cell, for residential,commercial and industrial rooftop systems. This module has a rated power of 425W and a power conversion efficiency of 21.7%.



"The 54-cell module features PERC gallium-doped, p-type half-cut cells with the highest photoaging resistance (lowest LID) for maximum energy yield and a 25-year performance warranty," the manufacturer said in said in a statement. "This technology has received performance and technology awards from the Renewable Energy Test Center (RETC) and PV Evolution Labs (PVEL)."


The manufacturer says the new panel measures 1,722 x 1,134mm. "Their short-circuit current is very low, well below 15A," it further explains. "The module measures less than 2 square meters and weighs less than 23 kilograms, making it small and light enough for one person to install."


According to the manufacturer, the new 54-cell solar cells range can be deployed with standard mounting systems, clipping on the long and short sides of the module frame, as well as drop-in or slide-in systems and lift systems with module edge clamping. "The modules are also compatible with the most popular inverters," it also said, without giving further technical details.


Also, the solar panel has got complete certification: IEC61215, IEC61730,IEC62804,IEC 61701 tested for harsh environments, salt mist corrosion, ammonia corrosion, anti-PID.


Bluesun Solar established since 2004, we offers solar energy products and solutions for all energy projects, from small applications for homes to large industrial&commercial solar power system and governmental tender solar projects.

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