The layout design of the solar panel power station site is the soul of the entire project. It affects the investment cost of the project, determines the convenience of the later construction and operation of the project, and the overall benefit of the project. It needs to be comprehensively considered to ensure maximum benefit.


The site layout of a solar panel power station should be determined according to many factors such as the current situation of the site, orientation and slope. In the design of the power station, specific problems should be analyzed in detail, taking into account factors such as solar radiation, cable length and access, and drainage required for photovoltaic power generation. Optimize selection and design.

Design principles of photovoltaic power station site:


01 Array pitch

The first consideration for the layout of the photovoltaic power station site is the shading problem. The photovoltaic power generation array should try to avoid the shading effect of the front object on the photovoltaic array.



02 Location of combiner box and string inverter

The busbars and string inverters are placed as close as possible to the array and connected components. The shorter the line, the lower the line resistance and the higher the system efficiency.


03 DC AC cable

Cables should be drawn as straight as possible to reduce line distance and cable investment costs, and ensure that the total AC and DC losses in the station are less than 5%. At the same time, the cables should be well protected to avoid sun exposure and wind and rain, and try to bury them in the ground with a burial depth greater than 300mm.


04 In-field road

The main road in the venue must allow two-way traffic, and the road width must be greater than 6 meters.


05 On-site drainage system

For areas with a lot of rainfall and prone to waterlogging or flooding, the drainage ditch system on the site should also be designed according to the terrain.


In fact, in addition to the above factors, the layout design of a photovoltaic power station should also consider the horizontal spacing of the array (expansion gap or aisle), control room, parking lot, staff dormitory and other living facilities, as well as details such as site fences and gates. More exciting, please look forward to Bluesun Solar technology topic sharing.

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