Brazil Photovoltaic and Solar Energy Association (ABSolar) cited the data of the country's energy regulatory agency Ag ê ncia Nacional de Energia El é trica (ANEEL), saying that as of the end of September, Brazil's installed solar capacity exceeded 20 GW.

Brazil has 6525 MW of utility scale solar power plants and 13579 MW of distributed photovoltaic power plants, both of which operate under the country's net measurement system.

ANEEL said that by the end of this year, photovoltaic developers in the scale of public utilities may add another 1760 MW of power generation. Most of them (about 1.6 GW) will be built outside the regulated market through power purchase agreements.

AB Solar said that by the end of this year, Brazil's cumulative photovoltaic power generation will reach 24928 MW. However, to achieve this goal, developers must add 3.5GW of distributed photovoltaic power generation capacity by the end of December.


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