According to the data of the Austrian Federal Photovoltaic Association (PV Austria), the country has added 1.4GW of photovoltaic installed capacity in 2022. A spokesman for the association said: "The final results will be announced next year."

It is reported that Austria installed 740MW new photovoltaic system in 2021, and the installed capacity in 2020 and 2019 was 341MW and 247MW respectively. Once the new data of 2022 is confirmed, it means that Austria's cumulative PV installed capacity reached 4.2 GW at the end of December.

In order to promote the rapid development of the photovoltaic industry, the Austrian Federal Government has formulated a new renewable energy expansion law (EAG) framework, but the specific implementation depends largely on the federal states.

Herbert Paierl, president of the Austrian Federal Photovoltaic Association, said: "Photovoltaic zoning should be used more as a weapon to deal with the energy crisis and high electricity prices. However, the area of solar power generation system is reducing gradually, so the photovoltaic target is definitely not achievable."

Due to the competition of land use rights, the ongoing review of natural reserves, the complex ownership structure and the insufficient capacity of the power grid, it is not clear how many designated areas can actually be put into use.

Paierl said: "The future task of the lower Austrian state government is to closely monitor the actual land use on the one hand, and quickly designate more areas that can be used for solar power generation on the other hand."
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