Disappointed with the bidding results of solar system and wind power generation facilities in 2022, the German Parliament allowed the Federal Network Administration of Germany to increase the upper limit of the bidding renewable energy power price by 25%.

The country will set the maximum power price of roof photovoltaic system for bidding in 2023 as 0.1125 euro/kWh (0.12 dollars/kWh), and the maximum power price of wind power generation facilities for bidding is 0.0735 euro/kWh (0.078 dollars/kWh).

Klaus M ü ller, President of the Federal Network Administration of Germany, said: "The increase in electricity prices will provide sufficient revenue for the renewable energy power generation facilities participating in the auction in 2023. I hope that the number of bids that were significantly reduced before will increase again."

M ü ller added: "At present, we are preparing to increase the maximum value of installed photovoltaic systems, so as to create stable conditions for the growth of this field. In 2023, the maximum value of innovative bidding will also be increased."

Although the installed capacity of the bidding project was reduced from 1190 MW to 604 MW, the recent onshore wind bidding received fewer bids than the previous auction. Finally, only 14 wind power projects won the bid, with a total installed capacity of 203 MW.

Similarly, the bidding for 202MW photovoltaic system installed in buildings and soundproof walls has not been fully subscribed, and the installed capacity of the winning project only reaches the average value of the installed capacity of the winning project in the two rounds of bidding on April 1, 2022 and August 1, 2022, so it is significantly lower than the previous round of bidding.

In the bidding of 1.126GW photovoltaic project in June 2022, the installed capacity of the winning project is less than 412MW.

In September this year, the European Commission approved three additional measures to support the development of renewable energy in Germany in accordance with the EU national aid rules.

In addition, the Federal Legislative Council of Germany recently passed a law according to which renewable energy power generation will account for more than 80% of the country's total power generation by 2030. By 2030, Germany must install 215GW of photovoltaic systems in total. According to the project law, Germany needs to install 22GW of photovoltaic system every year in the future.
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